Friday, July 11, 2014

$13 off any order of $39 or more on

Check it out: has a promotion this weekend for an automatic $13 discount on any order of $39 or more. Earlier this week I mentioned that BRP Enlightened Magic was's a very good excuse to buy a copy, and speaking of Englightened Magic, I received my physical copy today, which was awesome....I think Chaosium's new site has fixed the order fulfillment issues I've had with them in the past.

So, I happen to not own a copy of The Laundry RPG yet so I ordered a copy on the discount....will talk more on both that and Enlightened Magic later....

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  1. Of course this comes immediately on the heels of my placing a sizeable order with them (Enlightened Magic being a part of it), but on the up side I did receive my books at near timewarp speed.
    I'm sure I can find a couple more things on there that I've been going without.