Thursday, August 8, 2013

Neverwinter Survey

I received a survey from Perfect World in the 'ol email bin for Neverwinter Online, which seemed aimed at lapsed players....specifically, why haven't I been playing?

It was an interesting question because in truth I've given up on the game, and even deleted it from the PC (left it on the laptop though). So...why?

The problem with their simple survey is it isn't going to get the answers they want, at least not from me. Question one (pick one only) was "Why haven't you played Neverwinter recently?" Answers included:
My computer isn't strong enough to run the game (no issue here)
I don't like the action combat system (the problem isn't how the action combat works)
I didn't enjoy the quests (they were bog-standard MMO quests, suffering only from painful familiarity)
The character classes didn't fit my style (forget my style, they didn't fit D&D's style!)
I didn't like the character looks (meh it looked fine to me)
The items weren't compelling (this here; class-locked equipment is very much not D&D...anymore)
I wanted more PVP (could care less about PVP)
Not enough story in the quests (this might be true; it pales in comparison to NWN1 and 2)

What's missing was "this isn't what it says it is in the tin....namely, D&D. It's not even a decent representation of 4th edition. Seriously. If they didn't expect some fallout from presenting a D&D game that bears at best a superficial resemblance to D&D then...well. I guess their survey suggests this was not an option to consider, nor one they want to hear about.

The second question was even more amusingly frustrating. "Which character class did you play?" with one option to check off. Of course there are only five very rigid classes in the game, and they do grant players two character slots to start (and you can buy more). So why only one check-off?

The third and final question was the worst. "What would make you play again?" The choices were:
New character class (how about "classes," maybe 5-8 more? And with loads of customization!)
New race (yes, dragonborn please)
More PVP content (meh)
More endgame content (wouldn't know but wife says yes)
More storyline content (meh, it needs more original and engaging storyline content, that looks and feels different from every other MMO out there; also, more dynamic so it stops drawing unfavorable comparisons to the more dynamic DDO style of quests)

What a range of choices! The one's I'd like to have checked off would have included this list:
More customizable classes that actually let you customize like D&D should
A world environment that is not so linear
A gear/equipment system that looks like it does in D&D and no class-locked equipment ala Korean MMO design
A new Neverwinter Nights 3 that builds on the two prior games
More storyline content....that doesn't feel like generic MMO #1,610

I'll leave the last question as-is because it's probably true. I never whipped through to the end like my wife and her cohorts did, but when she says there's not much to it, I believe her...she's an MMO guru when it comes to absorption of content! If she says it doesn't have enough content, I am inclined to believe her.

Okay then! Survey rant off!

ADDENDUM: And not three days later I had a change of heart and loaded up Neverwinter again. My gripes still stand....but I admit, it's still a fun game. More later on why I might feel it's worth it even though I have so many other issues with NWO!

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