Friday, August 23, 2013

Magic World Survey

Zomben (alias the author behind Magic World) has a survey going to find out what people are interested in for future MW products. You can find the survey link here over at Make your voice heard! I of course am keen on a bestiary, GM book, player's guide, some more exotic PC race options, Gm screen and the books already announced.

Magic World....if I could ever break away from Pathfinder for a few minutes, I'd make MW and Runequest 6 in some combination my go-to games for the foreseeable future. The problem I have is moving from "active 8-10 player weekly Pathfinder groups" to regular MW or RQ6 sessions of similar size and interest. Some day....some day...!

One of the cooler pics that pops up on an image search for Magic World

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