Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Cool Blog Day: Dreams in the Lich House

I have on occasion stumbled across a great blog that I found very inspiring and want to point it out. Today's example is Dreams in the Lich House, in which Beedo discusses the ways and means of the apocalypse, with a dose of Cthulhu and something more, suitable for Gamma World, Mutant Future or hell, even Mutant Epoch (although he doesn't mention it specifically).

I'd love to run one of these games again someday, actually...what with post-apocalypse being my favorite genre and all. I really need to figure out an "alt game day" that I can run non-Pathfinder/D&D games on a semi-weekly basis. Hell....I need to stop complaining about my lack of variety in gaming these days and make it happen....hmmm.....maybe the wife would be up for a home-hosted weeknight of gaming....(she'd probably want to break out her copies Swords & Wizardry or BRP to run, too!)

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