Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Warlords of Lingusia V: The Esoteric Order of Warenos

The Esoteric Order has taken on different guises....I entertained a version of it in my reboot "Empire Era" campaign which never saw the light of day, but the one which actually manifested (and the original) is scribed below. Back in the day the original version was a faction of priest-mages known as the Order of the White Robes, dedicated to the god of knowledge, Nistur, and Hodon Systalien was the faction's most dedicated servant. In the post-timeshift, post-reboot era of the Warlords, the White Robes have been lost to history, but their mission is continued by the mages and priests inspired by the once-champion of order: Warenos, now ascended to divinity as a demiurge. Warenos himself is an immortal but living figurehead, who dwells deep in the Weirding, the plane of the fey. 

The Esoteric Order of Warenos

   This esteemed but reclusive order is comprised entirely of scholars and priests who revere the demiurge Warenos, once a great servant of the gods in the old era, now successor to the lost Lord of Knowledge. The Esoteric Order of Warenos continued where the old Esoteric Order failed long ago, and it is thanks to them that such fabulous ancient texts as the Idean Codices and the tomes of the Grand Library in old Hyrkan’ien remain intact today for scholars to study.

   The Esoteric Order has three major bases of operation, including the Temple of Warenos in Hyraphon (in Hyrkania), an ancient Monastery outside the walls of Octzel’s Capitol city, and a prominent temple in the port city of Yllmar.

   The Esoteric Order has a long legacy to live up to. Over the millennia each of its chosen spiritual figures has succeeded the one before. As Nistur was the great god of the old Empire era, there was his mortal champion and successor Hodon Systalien. And as Hodon found his immortality taking him to the realms of the divine, next then was the Champion of Order called Warenos, who reluctantly turned over his duties to the mortal scholar and wizard Taramis Vorsain, a half-elf who dwells in Hyraphon today and serves as the leader for the order.

   Every member of this order spends a great deal of time trying to gather lost lore, and to  uncover ancient mysteries. They are very concerned with the manifestation of chaos in all its forms. Because of this, the order is known to employ dedicated and trustworthy mercenaries and adventurers, sending them out to regions where Chaos seems to manifest, in an effort to purge the region of whatever is causing the outbreak.

   Adventurers who become affiliated with the Esoteric Order will usually gain a sponsor, who will seek to establish their level of skill and send them out on tasks suited to their abilities. If the group consists primarily of noncombatants he will send them off to engage in the pursuit of lore and lost history. If they appear to be competent or martially inclined, he will be more likely to send them to seek out locations where outbreaks of Chaos are rumored. Such adventurers are expected to find the beast(s), temple(s) or artifact(s) that are causing the wellspring of Chaos and destroy or subdue them as necessary.  

   Many wizards study under one of the temples or halls of study dedicated to Warenos, and receive tutelage from the order. The cost of membership is steep, but the order will make concessions to young entrants who display a keen talent for sorcery.

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