Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Look at the Foundry in Neverwinter Online

Actually it's not me reviewing the Foundry, but my wife. She's been building scenarios in the Foundry and having a lot of fun with the trial and error of it all. Her experience so far can be found in detail on her spanky new blog over here. Check it out! She's also maintaining an "in character diary" of the adventures of Kynvas in Neverwinter, also fun if you'd like to see an in character travelogue through the Forgotten Realm's potentially most dangerous city to live in.

Aside from her tumblr account, she's been posting these works on 2P.com, a game news site that invited her to do so...but is having some technical issues for sign ins right now, so I suggested she might want to preserve her work in a proper blog for posterity and all that.

Hey it's Kynvas!
I'm keen to explore the Foundry.....but it's just some bad timing right now, what with me being sort of tired of 90% of all video games at the moment and almost singularly obsessed with survival horror titles to the exclusion of all else. Ah well....

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