Monday, April 15, 2013

The OSR Resource Page

This page will serve as the permanent index for the OSR content that has appeared on the Realms of Chirak Blog. Throughout my blog there are more general discussions, rants and raves about these systems, but this link list is specifically aimed at gathering up crunchy resources for your ease of reference and use.

Basic/Expert Dungeons & Dragons and Labyrinth Lord Resources

The Basic/Expert project is a recent thing I decided to do, as I have grown a new appreciation for the books that got me into D&D in the first place:

Part VI: The Minotaur Racial Class

I love minotaurs as optional PCs, and here's how Id' do it in B/X.

Part V: Grave Knights

The Grave Knight makes the leap from Pathfinder to B/X D&D

Part IV: Valgos, Slayer of Elves

An orcish NPC villain for B/X D&D

Part III: Orc Racial Classes

Orcs get a PC/NPC treatment with actual racial classes

Part II: Multiclassing

Multiclassing ideas and rules for B/X D&D

Part I: The Start, Sample PCs, and more

A general discussion of what I'm up to and some characters I rolled up

Swords & WIzardry Complete Resources:

S&W Rules for the Ages of Lingusia

I published all of my custom house rules here, derived from my original 1e and 2E house rules and updated for S&W Complete.

Combat Maneuvers in S&W

Some new combat rules I employ with S&W COmplete

Lawful Kinded of Lingusia

First of three S&W Complete updates for races in my campaign

Neutral Kindred of Lingusia

The second such update.

Chaotic Kindred of Lingusia

The third such update.

Stats for the Legendary Rogue Wormi Vellsoth in Lingusia

A famous character turned NPC in my Lingusia campaign. Alas he's the only one I took time to stat out in S&W.

Castles & Crusades Resources:

The Lair of Gug and the Lost Shrine of Degalthor

A module built using Engineering Dungeons for C&C

The Hexblade

A sword-wielding mage for C&C

Malfeus Thorne

An NPC hexblade for C&C

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons and OSRIC Resources:

The Hexblade Class for AD&D

Hexblades revisited once more

The Fearsome Four

NPCS in Lingusia for AD&D


  1. Awesome! Looking forward to seeing this page grow!

  2. Me too; I'm really excited at just how much B/X D&D has grabbed me, so there's a lot more for B/X on the way.

  3. First time hitting up this page and it's full of GREAT STUFF!