Friday, April 5, 2013

Oh hell yes it's Friday

Been a long week! There was no Magic World this week, too busy. Defiance released this week, but I've have maybe 2 hours free to play it, though I did get some crazy characters up and running in the wilderness of ruined Earth. My Wednesday Pathfinder game went down as planned and the group wrapped up a massive nearly...hmmm...six month long story arc that involved Tiamat, the Chaos God Molabal, time travel the distant past and far future, the end of the world in the future, the destruction of the Far Realm and the rebirth of a new Feywild. If you don't know my campaign, the short version is "a lot of major crap went down, and everything is different."

Needless to say, the players are excited to be returning to their home port to fight simple, happy foes once more, like petty dictators and river pirates!

I don't railroad or plan this stuff, so the changes the players wrought need to be accounted for going forward. I have some ideas, but I'm hoping to spend time this weekend updating the next story arcs to include the effects of those changes. Wiping out the far realm....not that some version of it couldn't return....was pretty huge. It's a tacit acknowledgement on my part that I am well and truly done with 4E, and it gives me some wiggle room to expand into Pathfinderized planar resources (such as the Great Beyond or the impressive Dark Roads & Golden Hells planar book from Open Design.)

The Far Realm actually showed up as an alternate cosmology idea in the 3rd edition Manual of the Planes, and if I reintroduce a Far Realm of some sort in the future I will probably lean on this book. Since I have left the plot with a suggestion that some sort of feywild is returning (in my Chirak setting the entire feywild was a victim of an ancient apocalypse) then I might look at the treatment that realm gets in the 3E Manual of the Planes as well.

Anyway....more next week! Probably more B/X D&D, more Pathfinder, more Magic World and maybe even a early review of Defiance.

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