Monday, April 22, 2013

Sovereign Stone - Pathfinder Edition - Kickstarter

Tony Lee at Timeout Diversions is someone I knew back in the 80's, a regular contributor to my old fanzine who went on to keep active and writing in the game publishing business. His name can be found inside a lot of books, everything from The Chronicles of Ralmar and Wide World Wrestling to 4th edition Traveller and (iirc) some of the stuff for Macho Women with Guns.

Anyway, Tony's had a company going for a while now called Time Out Diversions, and he has a great Kickstarter going for a Pathfinder-update of the Sovereign Stone campaign setting, one of the better campaigns to come out of the early D20 era, a collaborative design by Margaret Weis, tracy Hickman and Larry Elmore. It's something I'd really like to see return.

I'm a bit leary of Kickstarters at the moment....problems being A. money is precious, B. I have a couple backed KSers that are now way past due  (including one which was allegedly all but done in the can and just needed some voice work...release date February), and C. my ability to wait many, many months for a released product is approximately zero; but I do respect the concept, and hope these are all backed in a way that leads to a time in the future when I can pay for a finished product somewhere (ideally in my FLGS but whatever works I guess).

Anyway, they're already at 92% funded as of this writing. The release date is December 2013. Maybe when this reaches a closing date I'll have some free cash demanding sacrifices and feel compelled to throw in.....we shall see....

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