Sunday, April 14, 2013

Dr. No

Was just watching Dr. No for the first time in decades. My son is old enough now to notice the television (for more than ten seconds at a time) and he's really fascinated at watching older movies. My suspicion is that modern film makers jump around too much, and older films tend to take advantage of "lingering moments," long pan-and-scan scenes and other film techniques which don't depend on a hyperactive audience. Or something. Anyway, it's fun watching these older movies with him while he's on his rocking horse (for some reason he has to watch TV on his rocking horse).

But anyway, while watching Dr. No I realized that this film explains one mystery about James Bond and lends credence to another fan theory.

First: after all that reactor exposure I'm pretty sure Bond was made sterile, thus why he can have so many relationships with various women without fear of dozens of Baby Bonds running around.

Second: the fan theory that "James Bond" is also a code name given to a series of successive agents, and not actually one single guy (thus allowing for continuity between all Bond movies as being correctly "in period") makes even more sense when you consider that the Sean Connery Bond probably died from cancer as a result of way too much radiation exposure, paving the way for his successors!

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