Thursday, April 11, 2013

Good News Everyone! Resident Evil: Revelations is officially announced

Actually it was announced a few days ago but I just now got around to blogging delightedly about it. This has been a good year or two for the fans (especially versatile, forgiving fans like myself) for all things RE. If your definition of RE ended with the last of the old style of games (circa Code Veronica) then perhaps the current wave of RE titles is not to your liking....but it sounds like Resident Evil: Revelations is worth checking out, as it manages to hold the modern look and feel of the series while getting back to its deeper, more exploratory/investigative and survival horror-filled roots.

The announcement site and trailer is here. Steam has a stretch goal event going on for preorders that includes a copy of Lost Planet Colonies Edition and an end goal of free season pass content. So, probably worth it? They haven't announced what the season pass will include yet, of course. Los Planet Colonies Edition is not on my list of "squee games" but its not horrible, either.

RE: Revelations look like its on schedule for a May 20 release.

Now to finish up the third RE 6 campaign (which is proving do far to be Not As Bad as reviewers least on the PC version), the Ada Wong campaign and the plethora of additional campaigns on RE: ORC that I still haven't found time to finish because of Rift, Defiance and all that time sink stuff.

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