Thursday, April 4, 2013

Valgos, Slayer of Elves in Pathfinder

Okay, the era of B/X D&D was a time of experimentation and while monsters were often played as characters, you needed to look to the competition (Monsters! Monsters!, Runequest and others) for actual official rules support on how to do it. Today, of course, Pathfinder and D20 in general is built from the ground up to allow for whatever crazy-ass monster characters your GM will suffer with, so it was hard to resist statting Valgos out accordingly. Also, I have to admit I still find it oddly amusing that I pretty much spend 90% of my real world game time running Pathfinder (when not reading other games, and running Magic World) but 90% of my blog time on OSR games, BRP stuff and pretty much anything but Pathfinder. So….here ya go. At the very least it can be fun to see what the same essential build looks like circa 1980 vs. 2013:

Valgos, Slayer of Elves (Pathfinderized)
Orc Fighter level 4, Alignment: Chaotic Evil
STR         23 (+6)                  Fortitude              +5
DEX        12 (+1)                  Reflexes                 +2
CON       16 (+3)                  Will                          0
INT         12 (+1)                  AC                            20                                 
WIS        8 (-1)                     Flat-Footed AC:    19            Touch Attack AC:   11
CHA       13 (+1)                  BAB                      +4 (+10 melee, +5 ranged)
HPs        39          

Languages: common (middle tongue), orcish, abyssal, elvish
Skills: Climb +10, Intimidate +6, Knowledge (dungeoneering) +5,  Ride +5, Survival +5, Swim +10, Linguistics +3

Orc Traits: darkvision, light sensitivity, orcish weapon familiarity
Fighter Traits: Bravery 1, Armor Training 1
Feats: Weapon Focus (great axe), Catch Off-Guard, Power Attack, Cleave, Great Cleave

Weapons, Armor and Gear:
Great Axe +1, +2 elven (fey) bane (1D12+10 damage; +12 attack; crit X3; Against fey: 1D12+2D6+11 damage; +13 attack (+2 weapon instead of +1) and crit X3)
Heavy Crossbow (1D10 damage; +5 attack; 19-20/X2 crit) with 20 bolts and quiver
Full Plate suit (+9 AB, -5 ACP*, +2 Dex Bonus*)
Helm of Telepathy (detect thoughts at well; send messages at will; suggestion once/day at DC 14)
Bag of 50 GP, ten rubies worth 50 GP each

*due to armor training

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