Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Basic/Expert D&D Project IV: Valgos, Slayer of Elves

And now, an orc villain using the orc racial class rules from yesterday!

Valgos, Slayer of Elves
Orc Level 4; Alignment: Chaotic
STR  18    +3 to hit, damage and opening doors; 10% XP bonus
DEX  12
CON  16    +2 HP/HD
INT   14     Languages: orcish, common (middle tongue), abyssal (chaotic), elvish
WIS   10
CHA   15   +1 reaction (with monsters; -1 humans)
HPs     30   AC 2 (plate mail)
Orc Traits: infravision 120', light blindness (-1 attacks in daylight), -2 reaction modifier in human lands
Weapons: battle axe +1 (1D8+4; THAC0 11), crossbow (1D6; THAC0 15) with 20 bolts
Wealth: bag of 150 gp, 10 rubies worth 50 GP each, and a helm of telepathy

Valgos is a brutal assassin for hire and mercenary dedicate to Baragnagor, the primal creator god worshipped by the orcs of Mitra's Forest. He seeks to slay one thousand elves with his bloody axe, a commitment made to his dark god in his youth in exchange for the enchanted weapon. So far he has worked hard to keep at it, with three hundred kills to date. He collects the ears of elves and strings them on long braids made from the hair of Volgra, the hill giant witch woman who lives in the foothills of the Chaos Mountains, whom he has been courting for better than a year now since she bested him in combat and let him live. He also uses his helm of telepathy, which he acquired from an elf he slew when he snuck into the lake town of Daggerlan during the infamous Hallow's Raid two years back. He has figured out how the helm works and uses it to his advantage to avoid ambushes and in tracking foes.


  1. So he has a magic axe, but has to kill elves with his BARE HANDS?

    1. LOL yeah that didn't come out right...changed!