Saturday, May 19, 2012

Malfeus Thorne, Hexblade

Just for fun here's a hexblade NPC I worked up for insertion into a game as needed:

Malfeus Thorne

A Hexblade NPC for use with Castles & Crusades

Description: Malfeus Thorne is a devilish looking rogue, a half-elf wanderer who is known for his way with the ladies as well as his love of strong drink. He is about six feet tall, with  dark hair and twinkling eyes. He normally dresses in his leather jerkin and breeches, with a pair of fine drake-skin boots and gloves. In combat he dons his suit of ancient scale mail, handed down to him by his mentor. His hexed weapon is a great scimitar, forged of adamantine two years ago for his use with the assistance of the dwarven smith Gunnerstor, with whom he once adventured. Malfeus is 30 years old and is a ronin hexblade. He attempted to join the Order of the Eldrtich Dawn early in his career after his master perished in a fight with the Ettin Lord Kalamask, but found the methodical code of conduct stifling, and was quickly thrown out.

Malfeus’s Spell Notes:

Malfeus casts his spells at the following levels of intensity:
Arcane Imbuement grants +2 magical bonus for 3 hours
Elemental Blade grants a +1D6 elemental damage bonus for 6 minutes (he usually chooses electricity)
Hexblade’s Defense grants +2 defending bonus for 2 hours


  1. I like him! May have to swipe him for my games at some point!

  2. Cool! Ihad enough fun adapting the hexblade to C&C that I think I'll update the other "Watchers" articles from Friday to C&C as well, make it a Thursday/Saturday event.