Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Avengers

I saw it. My wife saw it....can't say much more other than, "Have YOU seen it?" Because I'd hate to spoil it if you haven't!

Bullet points of amazement:

1. First comic hero genre film to get "it" right.

2. Perfect pacing in this movie. Seriously, this movie has no dull lag spots.

3. Everyone got memorable dialogue (just about) and the blend of characters and interaction was a spot-on Whedon masterpiece. I'm not a Whedon fanboy, but I can understand why some people would be.

4. It honestly makes the Dark Knight Rises trailer look a little sad and disappointing in contrast.

5. Stick around for two bonus clips, one midway through the credits and one at the end.

6. Bar for super hero films has now been set at the right level (imo). They all need to aim for and beat Avengers-level respect for the medium of comic book heroes.


  1. Actually, I also thought X-Men: First Class last year was very good as well....but Avengers has more star power and iconic characters, so I think that trumps X:FC ever so slightly.

  2. I look forward to seeing it :D

  3. Your review is spot on! I learnt about life with Marvel when I was a teenager. I've kinda lost touch with why/how over the years but this brought it back. Yes! They all get good lines :)

    1. So true! I read Avengers as a kid and teenager, but never followed it after college (I migrated to indies and Image in the early nineties, then lost touch with it all). It was fun to see it come to life like that.