Thursday, May 24, 2012

Countdown to Playtest

Okay, so I got the official invite this morning to the Dungeons & Dragons Next playtest. It led me to a page where I officially signed in and agreed to the terms of the playtest, which were not in the least bit as strict and terrifying as some in the bloggosphere were gleefully predicting (it's basically just a short agreement stating in so many words, "we own this stuff, and we own the stuff you suggest we should do to this stuff." If a big company/publisher didn't do this sort of stuff they'd be fools.

But, it says I will get my download link in about an hour, so it is time to patiently wait (and work)....


  1. well, we in the blogosphere we referencing the agreement that WotC specifically said it was being modeled after, which wasn't all that good at all.

    happy to say i agreed to the agreement, and i'm extremely happy that i'm free to discuss some aspect of the previous play test that i was a part of, but the NDA prevented me from even saying that :)

  2. That is true...the rumors about what the agreement would state were suggesting it was going to be very restrictive, happy to see it wasn't!

    I wasn't singling you out in that comment, if it helps...lots of people were irritated at the idea of the agreement. I think I am jaded, since I work in the healthcare industry on the legal side, so WotC's NDA looks downright cute to me.