Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Check out the Everwayan, a blog about my favorite amazingly dice-free freeform RPG from the nineties, Everway.

Everyway was a unique game, with a huge bounty of creative energy tied within it. The game relied on simple, intuitive relationships and grades of effect along elemental themes, cards used to tell a story and determine a personality through free association, and some excellent thematics. It's hard to explain....and much more satisfying to simply see and experience. A unique RPG, and none since have come along to compare to it. If Everway were released today, it would look like a hefty indie RPG with a staggering budget and cart blanche on artistry and design.

There's another blog post by Cave Felix that takes a walk through Everway char gen right here. Anyway...all of this brings back memories, and also makes me wonder what ever happened to my copy of the game. Hmmm......Ebay may get another visit soon....

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