Friday, May 25, 2012

Achievement Unlocked: Six Months!!!!

Six Months Old Today! Woot!

Marcus Torbin!
Marcus has unlocked the following achievements so far:

Survivor Track I: Reach six months, yay!

Forager: Hold my own bottle and feed self milk

Om-Nom-Nom: Eat three forms of pureed food: carrots, sweet potatoes, banana

Serve Yourself: Grab the spoon from Dad and stick it in your mouth. Also, grab food container and spill it everywhere while trying to eat All The Food.

Boldly Going Forward: crawl forwards, backwards and sideways!

"No!": Figure out how to open the glass cover to the gas fireplace with the lit pilot, causing dad to go apoplectic.

Sit Up!: sit upright on your own consistently. (every morning I've woken up to go to work that he's awake already I find him sitting up in his crib playing)

Marcus is making lots of noises, and he loves to "raz." He almost immediately grasped the idea of the spoon and tries to grab it from me every single time to feed himself (also tries to grab the food dish, and dad's food, and anything else that looks edible). He's said "hi" as a word in the morning after waking up on three occasions but not consistently enough that I can say for sure it wasn't an accident, and he knows his own name well, looking around for us when we call him. He also knows "jump" when he's in his jumpy seat, "dance" when he's in the seat and dad shows him how to dance, and a variety of other words seem to be creeping into his understanding as well. "I'm hungry" still comes out as "waaaaaagggghhhhhh" however....!


Stole Mom's Momma's Day Bear

Good morning!

Taken at three months....seems like ages ago!

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  1. Congratulations, with hopes of many more achievements to come.