Saturday, April 21, 2012

Update: Realms of Chirak for Legend may be first...also, Mindthings

Just a short update. I've been working on Realms of Chirak for Pathfinder but in doing so I revived my focus on the Legend-compatible edition (formerly the Runequest compatible edition that wouldn't see print since there was no OGL...but now there yeah!)

It's much, much closer to completion than the Pathfinder edition...maybe 90% complete, and all that's left are some specific details. I've been working on this particular conversion for a very long time, so its not surprising. This edition is especially robust, too, as it contains cult/order/guild details for all of the various demiurges, avatars, quasi-deities and other weird factions of Chirak, along with rules of progression and specific details tailored to each one. It also takes advantage of the fact that, since Legend is OGL, I can blend a bit....tieflings can appear officially in Chirak as they rightfully must (although I'm tempted to call them by their title of cambion, the alternate, more traditional name from folklore for demon blooded folk).

So...I guess which one sees print/availability first will depend heavily on which one I focus more on and actually complete. We shall see!

Pathfinder has an edge in that its always easier to write for the game I am currently running, but that doesn't really work here since I'm only running games in PF right now for my two other settings (Lingusia and Enzada). But, I am writing a lot of BRP-related material right now in anticipation of future games (or just for fun, as on Friday) and of course Legend is basically just BRP's slightly younger, hipper cousin who does well in all the sports classes even if he only gets passing grades in English (heh)....

And now for some music! I bring you today Mindthings!

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