Thursday, April 12, 2012

Dungeon Crawl Classics: Scene Stealing DDN? Stealth Takeover of the OSR? Or Just Good Timing?

Have you seen all that is going down with Dungeon Crawl Classics? Seriously, Goodman Games has two editions (standard cover and collectors cover, below), loads of modules planned, and lots of third party support. Great covers, evocative of classic D&D art, and Emirikol. Yep, check out the launch page here for all the news.

I was a little leary of DCC last year, due to the whole weird dice snafu (no idea if it still requires them) and also the fact that the last time Goodman did this it kind of flubbed (Eldritch Wizardry, RIP). This, however, looks like a strong lineup and a load of good material, focused, and determined to sweep away the OSR crowd, the nostalgia crowd, the "easier game system" crowd and the retro-is-fun crowd (all crowds that could be one and the same, I am sure) in one fell swoop.

Plus, the rulebook is 480 pages long. If that doesn't have a fully functioning retro ruleset in there that does everything but the dishes I would be disappointed. So I think I'll be ordering a copy this Friday.


  1. I'm a sucker for the cover images on these things. They've totally hooked me, at least until I get my paws on it and have read through.

  2. Yeah same here....the art is great, old school but still fresh. I'm ordering a copy of the standard edition (can't quite bring myself to get that cool expensive cover) but I'm still on the fence as to whether I'll like it or not.....I guess zero level characters are part of the DCC process, which if done right could work well, but I never had a good experience with that concept back in my 1E/2E days (and even 3E days when one DM I played with adapted those rules to 3rd edition). Still, the idea of randomly generated dragons and other weirdness just sounds too interesting to pass up.