Saturday, April 28, 2012

Steamrolling through Steam. Also, Juno Reactor

I came across Boathammer, in which boatorious is attempting to dedicate 6 hours to each Steam game he owns, and he owns something like 70 of them. This seems like a great idea....on the surface.
I own 412 games on Steam last time I checked. I don't think I could pull the same stunt off, as a massive number of those games come from bundle deals that I couldn't resist simply because I only wanted to get the 2 or 3 games in the pack that separately cost more than buying the pack on one of Steam's holiday sales. Also, because some of the games I ended up with over time are just hideous. Atrocious. Painful to play. Finally, and it goes without saying, not all games are worth 6 hours of time. And a few are worth a lot more.

I also have a bad habit of contributing to indie bundle deals; and those "pay what you want" indie deals. Which means I have accrued a large number of indie titles, but have also found that I have enjoyed maybe less than 10% of them in a meaningful way, and found most of them to be either drek or at best mildly entertaining for 5-10 minutes.

So yeah, I thought about doing something similar to what the guy in the blog is doing, then came to my senses.

But enough of Steam and computer games! Here's some more music:

Inca Steppa by Juno Reactor, my all time favorite professional techno group, going on 20 years now:

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