Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sir Digby Chicken Caesar

More Mitchell & Webb for your enjoyment! These guys have produced some of the funniest sketch comedy skits ever. Period.

I actually have a human Rogue named Digby on Wyrmrest Accord (yes, that would be WoW), a heavy RP server. Digby was always up to no good, often bumming around in Stormwind, wandering in unexpectedly on ERP sessions, stalking night elf chick rogues and collapsing in front of people while waxing philosophical on the dubious state of the nation. He had his palomino named Caesar and his pet Westfall Chicken. Nobody ever connected the dots, but the zany RP that spawned from playing a subpar deadbeat in a game full of godmodders and Mary Sues was a blast. Fun times!

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