The Realms of Chirak Dungeons & Dragons 5E Index Page

All of the 5E content to date on Realms of Chirak:

All Creature Factory Entries in Order:
Ibixian Goatmen CR2 medium monstrous humanoid
Gear Maidens Revisited CR 3 medium construct
Animate Collectors CR 1/2 medium living construct
The Quilliotos Body Thieves CR 4 medium aberration
Corvus Archos (Raven Lords) CR 7 medium monstrosity
Chilopteran Man-Bats CR 2 medium monstrous humanoid
Atakan Jackal Men CR 1/4 and CR 1 medium monstrous humanoid
Giant Sea Scorpion CR 13 huge monstrosity
Gargantuan Spider CR 17 gargantuan monsrosity
Baltorklani Ape Men CR 1 (gorillas), CR 1 (chimpanzees) and CR 1/8 (baboons) medium humanoids
Mohrg a conversion of the Pathfinder version of this CR 5 medium undead
The Living Godflesh of Umbras CR 6 large monstrosity
Korozonti Lightning Men CR 8 medium elementals
Silgur Skinmen CR 4 medium aberrations
Animate Worker Drone CR 3 medium construct
Manananggal Vampire Women CR 5 medium undead converted from Pathfinder
Hastur the Unspeakable CR 30 medium god convrted from Pathfinder and have been warned...
Vishkanya Poison Maidens CR 1/2 medium humanoids converted from Pathfinder
Vyrkasha Wolven CR 1/2 a Lingusian monster from the Age of Strife

New Character Races:
Stats for playing the atakan jackalmen as a race are included.
A race of blue and green skinned half-giants with a penchant for mercantilism.
For when you really need a reason to hate your PCs...
vampiric panther-men in D&D 5E
Cannesh Shapeshifters as a playable race in Chirak
Humanoid viking spirit-animal shifters.
The Animates as a playable race in Chirak
Animated elemental golem-men for your campaign.
Minotaurs as a playable race
Add minotaurs to your repertoire of playable monster races; this one is modeled after the MM minotaur, with some optional elements.
Revenants in D&D 5E
A playtest variant of the 4E Revenant racial option I worked up...still quite usable in 5E's final version.

New Magic Items:
Demon Bone Armor
Force Bow

Other Monster Entries and Conversion Rules:
The Even Dirtier, Simpler Monster Conversion Method from Swords & Wizardry to D&D 5E
Converting 1st Edition and OSR Monsters to D&D 5E
Quick and Dirty Monster Conversion from Pathfinder/3.5 to D&D 5E
The Nuckelavee
A sample monster generated using the "quick and dirty" rules in the DMG (first effort)

The Quest for Aladonsis Gadar
A short scenario in Pergerron for 5E

New NPCS For D&D 5E:
Amaskar "Blacktooth" Caelyndin
Half-Orc Monk with an elvish attitude
Cynderis Elator
Human ranger with an Axe Beak
Kobolds for Every Occasion
Three bad-ass Kobold warriors with class levels
Naught, an Adventuring Minotaur
Actually he's a homunculus turned into a minotaur....and he wants to learn how to be a REAL minotaur...
The Justicar 
An NPC Skeletal Paladin (Level 5)
Level 8 Tiefling Warlock sage
Moloron the Younger
Level 12 Gnomish Warlock Charlatan
Charamis Zen'Rakatt
Level 4 Tiefling Fighter Champion Outlander
Kytron Vellasco
Level 3 Human Fighter Pirate
Alisandra Vienneros
Level 10 Human Necromancer Sage
Sedara Braims
Level 1 Fighter
First crack at rolling up a 5E character using the Basic set.

Rules Discussions and Options:
Tattoo Magic
A new feat in which spells are imbued with special properties through tattoos.
Removing At-Will Magic from 5E
Kicking it old school with magic.
When Rules Disappear Behind the Story
A look at how the simpler mechanical approach to D&D 5E helps.
Archaic Firearms Rules Part I
Flintlocks and pistols in 5E (pre-DMG)
Advanced Firearms Rules Part II
Rifles and civil war weaponry in 5E (pre-DMG)
Blood Magic Feat
A brutal feat option from Realms of Chirak you might want to reserve for villains....
Animate Collectors
A construct monster for 5E

Content from the Playtest Era of 5E:

Grell in 5E
Something I worked up for one of my favorite monsters during the playtest.

Revenants in D&D 5E
A playtest variant of the 4E Revenant racial option I worked up...still quite usable in 5E's final version.

The Curse of Emparas
One of the modules I ran for the playtest that I designed. Wonder where the map went...

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