Saturday, February 20, 2016

Deadpool Review

You have probably already figured it out, but Deadpool is the movie about the sassy superhero who kills people dead while cracking jokes. He's the anti-hero of the Marvel Universe who regularly breaks the fourth wall, and Ryan Reynolds has a thing for Being him. Good news is, he does it really, really well in this adaptation which (among other things) treats us to a proper film adaptation of Colossus on top of a more (and not at all less) genuine Deadpool experience in the Marvel Fox Mutantverse. It eve skirts the edges of meta-continuity (spoiler alert: look for the retired helicarrier at the film's end). 

So, five cool things to keep in mind about Deadpool:

1. it's got 101 Marvel easter eggs in the movie. The helicarrier is just ONE of those

2. it's part of the overall super-weird X-Men film continuity, which is getting increasingly messed up (as Deadpool points out)

3. Deadpool is a hyper-violent, hyper-intense film all around. A sort of superheroes meet Pulp Fiction experience that will definitely give you a new experience in the genre

4. This movie is damned funny

5. Did I mention it's funny? Also, stick around for the end credits too.

...oh, don't bring your kids (at least, not the young'uns). The adult humor and situations in this film (such as a lengthy nudity-laden weird sex montage) are if anything going to be tougher issues to address than the blood-splattered dismemberments going on here. The movie is honestly more over the top than the ongoing comic, I assure you.

Either way, my wife and I secured a baby sitter and were DAMNED GLAD we did!!!! If you're uncertain on this, ask yourself this question: would I have been fine if my kid(s) saw Kill Bill Volume 1 and 2 (or any other equally grizzly Trantino flick) had the film also been hysterically funny and included a graphic weird sex montage? 

...I mean, we initially excluded our four year old son because we knew the F-Bomb was rife in this film, but I had at least two childless cohorts act surprised at the idea that we were excluding him from Deadpool. Ay yi yi....crossing some people off the babysitter list, we are!

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