Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Swords & Wizardry Kickstarter

Okay, obviously I am not lurking on the Kickstarter site enough, because the first I heard about this was through Tenkar's Tavern, who mentioned a Swords & WIzardry Complete Kickstarter. "What kickstarter is this?" I pondered, going to google for a quick search.

Lo' and behold, I found this! It's a bit of a confusing Kickstarter....for example, at the $55 mark you get two copies of the rulebook, but at the next goal ($70) you get one copy of the rules and the monster book. Then at the $90 level it jumps to one of each plus the module and GM screen. There are bigger goals, too....and a $100 add-on if you want Rappan Athuk added in on top of all that.

So the $90 level seems like the best base deal, I think. It is vexing me right now because I still need to pick up my Premium AD&D books that I understand are supposed to be coming in (at last!) at the FLGS. I was going to do that Friday, but that would be a $96 price tag (I get a nice discount). So which is it going to be? If I don't contribute to the kickstarter, which ends in 7 days, I will miss it.

I guess I could always remind myself that these are both games I have owned or do in fact have one or more versions of right now at this very moment on my game shelf. Although I am keen on both as a collector, it's not like I'm at risk of overlooking something significant to my future entertainment.

There's one other Giant Money Elephant in the room this week, too...the number 2, to be exact...Guild Wars 2, that is! That's going to put myself and my wife back a pretty penny, but I am sure it will provide a cornucopia of gaming henceforth.

Also, I need to buy all the talking Winnie the Pooh dolls for Marcus. We got him Tigger last week and he goes completely bonkers over it.

Damn it's hard to be a good consumer these days! Too much stuff to buy, not enough money.

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