Saturday, August 25, 2012

Castles & Crusades - Now in Colorvision!

My Castles & Crusades tomes arrived today...I participated in the kickstarter program for the next printing to be in full color, and it was well worth it; I regret only that I couldn't fund at a higher level to get a cool C&C carry case and other amazing options, but at the $40 level, with stretch goals, I got a module, character sheets and not one but two copies of the colorized Player's Handbook, one signed and one ready for the game table. Excellent deal! I plan to participate in any future kickstarters the troll lords decide to muster up, it was well worth it.

For those curious, the book's new full-feature art cover looks very good, and the interior is A grade, like looking at a Paizo book except with slightly better quality paper and Peter Bradley's art. There's nothing really new here that I could tell, but seeing the book in color makes me feel like I could talk some of my Pathfinder regulars into giving it a try on the aesthetics alone.

I assume Troll Lord Games will have copies up for regular sale now, so I strongly recommend checking them out for a copy, if you are into C&C and all it has to offer. It's been my personal choice for retro-style D&D-like for years now.

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