Thursday, August 9, 2012

Runequest 6 is Here

My copy of Runequest 6 showed up last night. It's a thick book, and the cover has that sort of "artsy" quality to it that I have no word to describe other than "not glossy, but kinda like those European travel books" which is probably as lousy a description as I can get. Let's just say it looks "pro" and leave it at that.

Now that I see the final product in its intended print form, two things still stand out:

1. Those damnable loopy "t's" make the book a chore for me to read. I gave up on the PDF and decided to wait for the print copy (I did print the PDF out too but the bound copy was so large I found it unwieldly). I have no idea why the funny font trips me up while just does. It's like my eye is instantly drawn to the loop as if it were analyzing a mistake or glitch. Weird, and annoying. Hopefully reading through it will desensitize my eye to noticing the "loop."

2. There's a lot of book in here. On the one hand, it makes for a good, thick read. On the other hand, there's something to be said for the slimmer economy version of the system in Legend with its "pick up and play" feel. This is not really a complaint, just an observation that if these books were actually mattresses, Legend would be a fold-down camper's cot with lots of cushions and a go-anywhere attitude, and RQ6 is like my king size bed at home, delightful to sleep in but emminently impractical when it comes to moving.

Anyway, it's still nice to have the print book, and for those of you on the fence, go grab it with the PDF for $50 at The Design Mechanism before the sale ends on the 22nd of August.

Me, I'll be revamping my Sarvaelen campaign for RQ6 very, very soon!

EDIT: The preceding may be considered my "critical" review of RQ6. Basically, the only things I can find wrong with it are, "it's got funny tees and it is very large, perhaps dangerously so."

Future columns will elaborate at great length on the awesome elements (i.e. the whole book) in the form of admiration, scenarios, NPCs, monsters and setting content.

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