Wednesday, January 24, 2018

The Woodland and City Gnome in OpenQuest 2

Gnomes in OpenQuest2

Gnomes have long been identified as a type of elemental in Runequest derived systems like OpenQuest 2, but for those of us who need…nay, crave gnomes in their fantasy adventuring, here are some stats you can use to handle your gnomes in OQ2.

Gnomes are essentially diminutive forest folk who sometimes go a little weird when exposed to the big city. A basic gnome has the following stats:

Str 2D6+3 (10); Con 3D6 (11); Dex 5D6 (18); Size 2D6 (7); Int 2D6+6 (13), Pow 2D6+6 (13), Cha 3D6 (11)
Movement 12 meters; Hit Points 9; Major Wound: 5; DM 0; MP 13; Armor Leather (2 AP); Plunder Factor 1
Resistances: Dodge 50%, Persistence 30%, Resilience 40%
Knowledge: Lore (alchemy) 35%
Practical: Athletics 35%, Perception 45%
Special: Artificer gnomes have Mechanical 75% and Engineering 50%
Woodland gnomes have Natural Lore 75%
Close Combat 30%
Short sword (1D6)
Buckler (1D4)
Ranged Combat 50%
Light crossbow (1D8 damage; 125m; rate ½ CR)
Woodland gnomes normally belong to a nature cult. Artificer gnomes start with 6 points in sorcery and both type of gnome have 3 points in battle magic. Gnome characters may start with the nature cult or sorcery optional starting options, and must choose illusion as a spell.

Gnomes come in two varieties: the first is the classic gnome, sometimes known as the woodland gnome, who is commonly associated with nature spirits, the natural world and a penchant for quiet mischief. Such gnomes are generally regarded as honest folk with a solemn regard for nature, occasionally enjoying a prank or joke at another’s expense, but never with real malice or deceit intended.

The other variety is sometimes known as the “city gnome” or the artificer gnome. These gnomes are the result of what happens when a gnome or community of gnomes spend too much time in the presence of technology and magic. Such gnomes are inevitably corrupted by the delights of civilization and technology and this exposure unlocks strange and dark secrets within the gnomes themselves, who appear to be almost unbearably, addictively drawn to exploring the depths to which they can merge magic and science.

 Gnomes do not like ducks. While some speculate that ducks could be a byproduct of a mad artificer gnome's experimentation, a famous gnome named Charamis Zen'Rakatt once explained it was more about "niche protection."

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