Monday, January 29, 2018

The Next Post-Apocalyptic Campaign Begins Here

This image, right here, is going to be the basis for my next Post-Apocalyptic campaign, probably powered by Other Dust (the SWN-powered Post-Apoc RPG), or at minimum a great image for a future apocalyptic world for adventurers to visit:

This picture has dense and subtle layers to unpack....

The lone survivor atop a high peak in some damage skyscraper

The city, overrun with what appears to be nebulous, drapped webbing everywhere

An eclipsed sun which appears at once to be an interesting but also possibly an entirely common phenomenon on this world

The city itself is a modern city, with skyscrapers on a world much like Earth....or perhaps it is, in fact, Earth and this is some prominent coastal port

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  1. Cool image, I was hoping for a Revised version of Other Dust, but I don't think that is in the cards for now.