Tuesday, January 23, 2018

More T&T News: Tunnels & Trolls Adventures RPG is now on Android and iOS stores

I stopped by Flying Buffalo to see if anything new was posted in the wake of discovering the Elven Lord Revisited Kickstarter, and lo and behold I discovered a notice that MetaArcade apparently had adapted the venerable T&T to an android and Apple store app. I don't know if this is a "new" thing or a port of the classic early nineties T&T CRPG.

I'm not reviewing it just yet, but thought I'd let y'all know it exists. It's a free app....but it apparently has an in-game purchase option (for what I am not sure yet). I'll post more soon as I have a chance to explore it properly and see just what this is all about (right now it's sitting at 0% in a download update...hmmm). I would greatly have preferred it to be an up-front purchase (as a rule I do not play in-app "freemium" games) but who knows, maybe it's not the usual cash grab.

It's got a 3.6 rating on the app store right now for Android. FB's website implies a small payment can be made to remove ads.

UPDATE: so it appears that solo modules are available through this app and you buy in game currency to play once or own them. The first module is titled "The Ascendant" and is free....another one I saw was 40 jewels. Not sure how much jewels cost....yet. The game's internal downloader is slooooooow.

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