Monday, January 8, 2018

Grom the Enlightened

From the weird archives...a very odd Pathfinder character. I don't even remember what game this was for, or if he was a PC I was going to run or an NPC I was going to subject the party to...anyway, he might make an interesting guest appearance in a Starfinder game. Hmmm.

Grom the Enlightened
Male Awakened Gorilla  level 4 XP 9,000
STR 19 (+4)                      Alignment neutral
DEX 19 (+4)                     AC 19 (+4 hide mail; +1 natural, +4 Dex) FF 15 Touch 14
CON 20 (+5)                    HP 40                 
INT 15 (+2)                      Speed 30           HD 4D8+16
WIS 15 (+2)                     BAB +4   Melee +8 Ranged +8
CHA 8 (-1)                       
SAVESFortitude +9, Reflexes +8, Will +3

Racial Cass Abilities: 2 slams, scent, lowlight vision, dark vision 60 feet, acrobatic and climb racial bonuses

Skills: acrobatics +13, climb +19, perception +9, stealth +11

Languages: common,

Feats: power attack, simple weapon proficiency, martial weapon proficiency, medium armor proficiency

Armor:  Hide armor (+4 AP, +4 max dex)
Weapon: 2 slams (1D4+4 damage, attack +8, crit 20/X2)
Greatclub (1D10+4 damage, Attack +8, 20/X2 crit)
6 bolas (1D4+4 nonlethal damage, Attack +8, Crit 20/X2, range inc. 10 ft)

Equipment: satchel, belt, loincloth

Grom escaped from a mad wizard’s tower and has been slowly discovering his dramatically enhanced abilities ever since. Grom understands common, though he is unable to speak it with any clarity. He learned a simple form of sign language that the wizard taught him, mixed with a few symbols from thieves' cant that a thief whom the wizard had imprisoned also taught him (before the thief was transformed by the wizard). 

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