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The Gods of Enzada II: The Merillian-Shevalic Pantheon

The Merillian-Shevalic Pantheon

   The Merillian culture is ancient and fallen but its gods live on. The Shevalic gods were an intrusion late in the collapse of old Merille, and represent an introduction of ancient northern gods which blended over time with traditional Merillian religion. So thorough was this process that no one today recalls the original myths and tales of the Shevalic gods without the Merillian deities imposing. Indeed, most of the Shevalic gods are seen as lesser demiurges, servants to the older Merillian deities.

Faragian, Lord of Snow
AL: CN; Domains: Tempest, Nature, Death; Symbol: a skull on snow; Merillian Shevalic Demiurge
   This enigmatic demiurge (for all current Shevalic lesser gods are seen as ascended mortals) is a harsh old man who oversees snow and winter. He is popularly seen as the bringer of suffering and hardship.

Ikathras, Witch of the North                   
AL: CE; Domains: Nature, Trickery; Symbol: A black cat on a starry sky; Merillian Shevalic Demiurge
   Ikathras is a folk goddess of witches and mysteries in Merille. Her nature is mysterious, her behavior generally regarded as evil and leden with antipathy toward the living. Most stories of ghosts, banshees and the undead are regarded as the product of her doing. The conservative Shevalic people see her as a goddess of warning and what dabbling in dark magic can do to you.

Saradan Tenor, The Northern King
AL: LG; Domains: Life, War; Symbol: a sword on a dragon shield; Merillian Shevalic Demiurge
   The last king to unify Merille a thousand years ago, Saradan Tenor is believed to now be the spirit protector of the land, servant of Merille’s people, and a patron of knights of the realm.

Oolgam, the Jester of Erekot     
AL: CN; Domains: Trickery; Symbol: A scepter; Merillian Shevalic Demiurge
   This Shevalic folk god is considered the betrayer of Saradan Tenor, but when Saradan returned to life a demiurge he struck down his half-brother Oolgam and made him his jester, to insure his closest enemy was always present. Oolgam is a demiurge blamed for misfortune in Shevalic Merille.

Gravenor, the Hand of Death
AL: NE; Domains: death; Symbol: a skull upon a cross; Merillian Shevalic Demiurge
   This is the Shevalic god of death, a cruel reaper who cares not for whom it comes, and once you have been marked for death Gravenor will not stop until he has claimed you. The Shevalic afterlife is a bleak, unpleasant dominion that no one wants to see. The only hope for escape is to bribe Gravenor with one’s bounty of goodness, such that he is so disgusted with your virtues that he casts you back down to be reincarnated.

Yappas Makurin, the Beast Lord
AL: NG; Domains: Nature; Symbol: A Centaur upon a half moon with a bow; Centaur God of Merille

   Yappas Makurin is a Merillian demiurge, the first centaur and sometimes regarded as the creator of all tauric races. Centaurs worship him and claim he was their first great king. Druids worship him as a potent force of nature.

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