Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Wasteland Wanderers of Earth AD 2

Here's two example characters I worked up for Earth AD 2, to give you a couple examples of how diverse the PCs can be in this game. I used a die rolling method for stats (roll D6s and re-roll 6s) and otherwise used the default point method.

Initially I rolled up some PCs with a range of skills. After testing the system a bit I realized that anything less than a 4 in a skill is a bad idea if you plan on succeeding occasionally, so I revised the characters accordingly.

The first example is a "mutt" or mutated human:

Name              Quron
Stock              mutated human (Mutt)
Description    gruesome looking melted features, male, 6 feet tall, greenish tinge to skin, sickly yellow eyes

Fitness  4, Awareness 2, Creativity 2, Reasoning 4, Influence 1

Fitness: Archery 3, Athletics 4, Brawling 3
Awareness: tracking 5
Creativity: Scavenging 4
Reasoning: general knowledge 4, Survival 5
Influence: composure 2

Technological ignorance
Beneficial Mutations: adaptation, battle sense, empathy, night vision
Detrimental Mutations: Diminished Talent (Influence), periodic amnesia, seizures, ugly

Weapons: Lead pipe (3fat; attack 7), knife (1inj; attack 7), bow with 12 arrows (1inj; attack 7)
Armor: coated leathers (1 armor)

Background Details: Quron grew up in a village that thrived on salvage from a nearby ruin and live in mild opulence compared to other tribes. His disgusting form was overlooked for his unique ability to adapt to damage forms, as well as his talent for sensing enemy intent and seeing in the dark. Despite this, his issues with short term memory loss and seizures made him more suitable to guard the village than to venture in to the ruins….until the raiders with advanced weapons came, and torched his town! Now he wanders the wasteland with the spasmodic Speculos, looking for a new path in life…or revenge.

After Quron I worked out Speculos, the dude from my earlier combat example. Speculos is a "ripper" which is basically a robot with a human brain....a relic of the lost age who is somehow still functioning. In the rules you can spend 1 attribute point or 3 skill points to buy a gimmick...I opted to spend 3 skill points to equip him with a built in gun:

Name                 Speculos
Stock                  Robotic Implanted Human (ripper)
Description        a robotic skeleton with a plastic human-like sleeve of fake skin over it. Kind of loose. Eyes appear unnaturally human but the voice is high and monotone. Wears a light blue synth suit with cracked bubble helmet. Right arm can flip wrist back to reveal gun.

Fitness  3, Awareness 1, Creativity 1, Reasoning 5, Influence 4                              
Fitness: athletics +2, Firearms +4, Melee +4
Awareness: ---
Creativity: scavenging +3
Reasoning: old earth lore +3, Mechanics +4, old earth technology +4
Influence: composure +2

Inexhaustible energy, mechanical discrimination, radiation immunity, reduced stamina, restrictive movement, toughness (2); Speech limiter (malfunctioning), cybergun implant (blaster pistol)

Weapons: Lead pipe (3fat; attack 7), knife (1inj; attack 7), 3 energy clips for arm-mounted blaster pistol (4inj; attack 7)
Armor: synthetic suit (2 armor)

Background Details: Speculos doesn’t remember his real name, but he knows he’s been wandering the wastes for a long time. Some years ago after a run-in with scavengers his speech limiter was damaged and he now spends much of his time cursing and howling until ordered to reboot his speech modulator. He recently stumbled across the mutant Quron who was stumbling around in the wilderness looking for the raiders that destroyed his village. Quron has reluctantly taken to traveling with the human, whom he won’t admit he has taken a liking to.

Speculos is actually ancient, and his addled brain is filled with stories of the old world but the details are often viewed through a hazy fog of memories from a time when he was actually a living being and not just a brain in a robot body. 

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