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Languages in Enzada

Languages of the Hub of Etyri:
Selindari (common)
   This is the common tongue of the Hub of Etyri region. Selindari is not only the national language of that kingdom, but it is descended from the language of the usurpers of old Inhuridan, so it traces its linguistric roots back to the lineage of the old slave castes that survived and overthrew the empire. As a result, Selindari is accepted as the dominant trade language throughout the Hub, even by those kingdoms and lands which are otherwise fairly hostile.

Other human languages:
Zanzarik ( a variant dialect of Selindari)
Sholtiric (related to Draconic and Kandathric)
   All of the human languages in this region have similar linguistic roots to Selindari except for Xar, which is from a completely unrelated linguistic group to the south, and Neparic which was imported from its source vultures in the north east. Languages such as Waladari, Dasmic and Mazadrani are a mix of languages with root Selindari heritage and other languages introduced elsewhere.

Old (dead) languages (i.e. used by wizards)
High and Low Inhuridan
Ancient Nadavasian
The Sky Builder Script
   The Sky Builder Script is a dead language studied and only vaguely understood thanks to the older Inhuridan “Rosetta Stone” tablets which still exist and serve to help translate the language; indeed, even the Inhuridan were puzzled by the Sky Builders and their language.
   Inhiridan, Goltannic, Dremarish and Ancient Nadavasian are all dead languages but more well understood. Dremarish is the youngest of the dead languages, and was a dialect spoken in Drath, said to have been the last language descended from the script of The Dead Kingdoms.

Others So Far Known:
Dasam Languages: Mittariin
Merille Languages: Hardanic
   Both Mittariin and Hardanic are “off the map” and come from foreign lands beyond the Hub, but are two of the most well-known foreign languages as such.

Various Racial Languages:
Dahareshnic (elvish)
Uthitinese Halfling
Duwende Dwarvish
Sarnathic Orcish
The Spirit Tongue (Whisp-tongue, Netherese)
Tengu's Tongue
Dev's Tongue
Gnollish (beast tongue)

   There are many more, but these are the most common. Note that Enzadans don’t distinguish between infernal (devils) and abyssal (demons) in their grouping of planar beings, so there is no “infernal” dialect in the Outer Darkness. Devils speak the spirit tongue, being a lawful evil form of spirit.

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