Thursday, March 31, 2016

Sword Coast Legend Dev N-Space; R.I.P.

Enworld breaks the story here. Digital Extremes is the publisher, so this doesn't do much for fans of Sword Coast Legends other than to notify you that it is unlikely that the game's going to see future development or patches....and per the announcement the studio did manage to get the console edition of the game out before expiring. I'll wait until I see some reviews of the console edition; my suspicion is that, based on how the game plays, it might actually be more fun on console than it was on PC (but only marginally). If it gets rave reviews on the Xbone or Ps4 versions (mmmm Magic 8-Ball is suspect) I may look at it again.

D&D just can't get a break in the digital gaming sphere.....will we never see another D&D title to rival Neverwinter Nights in scope and quality? One can hope.

SCL could have benefited from better character models...

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