Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Kickstarter Madness: Mystery at Port Greely, Quests of Doom 3 and New Big Dragon Games GM Screen

First: I've backed out of the Conan Kickstarter entirely. It sounds, to be honest, "too good to be true" at this phase and I sort of feel like it's a Kickstarter gone mad. Admittedly, Modiphius (if any!) can pull it off....but that's a lot of stuff for some way-too-cheap backer prices. I want (and expect) them to succeed because I want Conan goodness.....but the risk averse portion of my psyche got overwhelmed by what the Kickstarter is promising against the comparable cost.

New Big Dragon (Richard LeBlanc) is doing a GM Screen Kickstarter for B/X and Labyrinth Lord games. It's a nice looking screen! Check it out:

Even better, Frog God Games returns to 5th Edition with a Quests of Doom 3 tome. I'm definitely backing this one:

Finally, there's still a couple weeks on it but a new Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea scenario is in the works: "The Mystery at Port Greely," and the backing price is cheap ($20 for the book). Only the anachronistic names of the AS&SH modules sometimes gets to me....hardcore swords & sorcery adventures with adventures that sound like riverside vacation spots near Arkham!

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