Thursday, May 22, 2014

Some of the Player's Handbook will be free online

If you somehow haven't stumbled across the news, Enworld gathers it all up. New 5th edition highlights:

1. 15% of the Player's Handbook will be posted as free online. Presumably that's the chunk of the character generation that will bridge the gap for players with the Starter Set. This right here is a huge plus in my eyes, as it guarantees at least a minimum level of buy-in for the right initial price by my players who are reluctant to pony up for a new game.

2. the DMG will have sidebars with slidable customizers (or something) which let you tailor your version of the game to match your preferred older edition. Interesting to see how this will work....

3. New D&D movie ...yeah whaddevah

4. Villainous organizations in the Monster Manual. Cool, good idea.

5. The Flumph is in the MM. If it looks anything like Pathfinder's reimagining I will be happy.

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