Monday, May 26, 2014

GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Characters

With the holidays and a busy work schedule combining to make time a precious thing, I have gotten a bit behind in my blog schedule. So for today I offer up this interesting bit of interest from my archives: in this case, it's a trio of Dungeon Fantasy characters I worked up sometime back for use with GURPS Dungeon Fantasy. If you're not familiar with GURPS DF it's basically a high-powered simulation of classic D&D style dungeon mayhem, but of course using the ultra-realistic point-based rules of GURPS. There are 17 books in the series now, including one of the rare and coveted GURPS bestiaries (they don't have nearly enough good bestiaries out for GURPS 4E IMO) and a scenario that's pretty decent, actually. The only thing that has ever prevented me from getting GURPS Dungeon Fantasy going is that it's A: hard to sell the local gaming groups on, B: GURPS suffers from too many stray moving parts and not enough prefab content for my busy schedule, although Dungeon Fantasy does alleviate a lot of that issue, which leads to C: it starts at 250 points and I'd really rather it started with about 100 points less.....but all the templates and designs in G:DF presume 250 point starting builds.

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