Friday, May 2, 2014

Gear Maidens in Magic World/BRP

The gear maidens as a B/X D&D monster appeared a week or two back, but I have been steadily converting all that material plus the Pergerron setting to my Magic World campaign that is ongoing. Here then are the Gear Maidens D100 style...

Gear Maidens (The Maidens of Sar)
STR        3D6+6   16-17
CON       3D6+6   16-17
SIZ         2D6+6      13
INT        3D6+3    13-14
POW      12+1D6  15-16
DEX       2D6+6      13
APP       3D6        10-11    

Move 10
Hit Points  15
Damage Bonus +1D4
Skills: Climb Dodge 40%, Listen 50%, Hide 40%, Move Quietly 40%, Jump 80%
Armor: natural metal plating 1D8
Attacks: Unarmed (slam) 50%, 1D8+1D4 or arm blades (two) 75%, 1D6+1+1D4 each
Traits: healed by electrical damage; immune to cold damage but are slowed to Move 2; immune 
to mind-affecting magic
Terrain: any ancient ruins

Gear maidens are an unusual construct sometimes found in the ancient ruins of Pergerron. Each gear maiden has the appearance of a suit of armor or a mannequin made to look like a woman comprised of complex clockwork moving parts. Most of the gear maidens appear to be one of three types: jackal-headed, elvish-looking, and on rare occasion smooth, featureless faces with a mirror of silver where eyes, nose and mouth would be located.

Gear maidens may have served some other purpose in the ancient past, constructs designed for amusement, or to serve as guards perhaps. Today they are relics which haunt the ancient ruins, acting erratically and without purpose. When a gear maiden (or group of such) is encountered roll to see what their pattern of behavior is (D10):

1-4 - the gear maidens function as if the ruin around them is still alive; they prop skeletal remains up on chairs, serving them empty platters of food while serving long-dried bottles of wine. They will grow antagonistic to anyone who tries to point out the absurdity of their actions or the deathly nature of those they "serve."

5-7 - the gear maidens are mad, and appear to have suffered some sort of mania, which they may call "malfunctioning" to those who can prompt them to speak coherently. These are deadly, usually attacking randomly before fleeing, only to circle back later and strike again.

8-9 - some may be found which are coherent, usually hunting for parts. These gear maidens salvage relics of lore and preserve them, as if enshrining the lost civilizations of old Sar and other empires of the past. They are not above cutting down maddened versions of their own to salvage parts to repair themselves.

10 - Occasionally a cunning and vengeful gear maiden will be found. These are the deadliest, for they remember the fall of the old empires, and the destruction of those they served. They will seek to hunt down and exterminate all humans and demi-humans they come across, and will do so with great cunning and relish.

Aside from the retractable blades (about as long as a short sword, but much sharper) gear maidens have the traits of other constructs, and are immune to any gaseous or poison attacks, as well as any attacks that affect life force (POW draining, for example); they also can never increase their initial POW score. They are immune to mind-affecting spells, for their magical artificial brains cannot comprehend or react to the magical influence of the mind. Lighting damage heals them. Cold damage deals 1/2 damage to them but they are slowed to Move 2 for 1 round after being subject to the cold-damaging attack.

An entrepreneurial fighter with some weapon smithing skills could extract the arm blades of a destroyed gear maiden to find that they will make enchanted short swords of amazing quality (+10% attack and +2 damage).


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