Monday, May 19, 2014

D&D 5th Edition Dates and Covers Announced

Thanks to Dyvers for his post bringing it to my attention. We have dates! At last:

D&D Starter Set release date July 15
--it says it will contain content for 1st to 5th level, so positioned to occupy the same space as the Pathfinder Beginner Box.

Player's Handbook August 19th

Monster Manual September 17th

Dungeon Master's Guide November 18th

Also, two modules were announced: Hoard of the Dragon Queen (August 19) and The Rise of Tiamat (Oct. 21). There will be a 44-figure minis release in 4 figure packs as well beginning in July.

So, a staggered release (like was done prior to 4E). I am hoping the Starter Set will offer enough content to keep play going as the subsequent books release.

Anyway....very excited about this news, and love those covers. Two months and I might be playing D&D again....ah, the perilous but simple joys of a D&D gamer.....

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