Friday, March 7, 2014

13 Days of 13th Age: Mormo

Some of you may not have seen what a basic 13th Age fighter looks like. Here's Mormo, at level 1. Next week I'll try post what she looks like at level 10....

Mormo Encyllae
Half Orc female Fighter Level 1
One Unique Thing: Mormo is the chosen oracle and proclaimed daughter of the orcish Red Goddess Zafethra (whether she likes it or not)

STR         20 (+5)
DEX        12 (+1)
CON       14 (+2)
INT         10 (0)    
WIS        9 (-1)
CHA       10 (0)
AC          15           PD          17           MD         13          
HPs        11           HPs        Recoveries         9              Recovery Die     1D10+2

Backgrounds: Swordswoman +2, guard captain +1, cultist of red goddess +1, spelunker +2, navigator +2

Basic Attacks: Broadsword +6 attack; 1D8+5 dmg; Miss 1 (w/off-hand weapon re-roll attack on a 2)
Shortsword +6 attack, 1D6+5 damage; Miss 1

Armor: chain/plate mix, AC 15

Icon Relations: Orc Lord 1 (villain/positive), Crusader 2 (ambiguous, positive)

Half Orc Abhilities: Lethal (1/battle re roll melee damage and take preferred result)

Fighter Abilities: extra tough, threatening

Talents: cleave, comeback strike, tough as iron

Feats: Cleave (adv level; can take move before doing cleave attack)

Maneuvers: grim intent, two-weapon pressure, deadly assault

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