Monday, March 3, 2014

13 Days of 13th Age: The Life Stealer

Well, contrary to how I felt writing the blog last night I at last found my second wind and intend to fulfill my goal of doing 13 days with 13th Age (every Monday/Wednesday/Friday). Since the blog's original purpose was an exercise in disciplining myself to write consistently I'd be setting a  poor example for myself by turning away from this challenge...

First up! A true magic item: The Sword of Life Stealing

The Life Stealer

In the world of Lingusia the Life Stealer is called Rishelka, the Ruby Death, avatar weapon of the Nameless One, keeper of the gates of the dead. In other worlds it is known by equally fearsome names, and has been known to serve the champions of the Lich King.

This epic level (1D10 base damage, magical +3 attack/damage) great sword is known for its wicked barbed edges, studded with tiny blood-drop like rubies. Each ruby can sustain the life of one victim, allowing the bearer of the weapon to steal the soul of those it slays to power greater magics beyond. It has two properties to this effect: when you down a foe by reducing them to zero hit points that foe immediately dies. One of the nine rubies gains the power of that victim's soul immediately. This can be done up to nine times. If you take a tenth victim without first using one of the prior souls then the wielder of the weapon takes 25 points of necrotic damage immediately. For this reason it is a very good idea to discharge the souls periodically.

Each round of battle you may choose to release one soul. If you do so, you may take one of two effects: either add 1D10 to the damage of your next attack, or spend a recovery to heal as a free action.

If the escalation die matches the number of souls currently absorbed by your weapon exactly, then you may immediately discharge all of the souls, dealing that many dice in damage on your next attack, or expending that many recoveries. You may not share these recoveries; the sword holds on to your own life jealously!

If the wielder of the weapon dies in battle while wielding the Life Stealer then the weapon's nine rubies immediately fill to capacity.

When out of battle, the Life Stealer loses one "charge" per hour between battle.

Quirk: you develop a brooding nature and exhibit a great melancholy, as well as an unnatural lust for the death god(dess).

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