Monday, March 10, 2014

13 Days of 13th Age IV: The Baltorklani Apemen

Deep in the wilderness of the immense Amech Jungles are an ancient race of intelligent apes, beastmen who's origins are now lost to time, though some scholars of esoteric lore suggest that they were created as warriors and slaves for the ancient Kadantanian Empire, a cruel regime of mad sorcerers which fell centuries ago to internal conflict.

The baltorklani are actually descended from several magically uplifted apes, including chimpanzees, baboons and gorillas. The gorillas deeply resent being compared to other lesser apemen, especially chimpanzees, which they despise as cunning and untrustworthy. There see the baboons as chattel and treat them as such, delegating the baboons to lesser slaves whenever they can.

In the Amech wilderness the three types of baltorklani tend to segment themselves whenever they can, at least in those cases where a powerful gorilla warrior doesn't rise up and subjugate the others to form his own small empire. These baltorklani gorilla leaders are very dangerous to the human populations in such regions, and the kingdom of Belladas remembers the war with the baltorklani warlord Jezovash less than a century ago was a costly battle.

Baltorklani Gorillamen
Level 3 Leaders (humanoid)
Initiative +6
M: Heavy Axe (+8 attack, 12 damage) On a natural 16+ the gorillaman may make a fist attack as well.
M: Fist Strike (+8 attack, 10 damage)
R: Heavy Sling (+7 attack, 14 damage) on a critical strike the target is also dazed.
Battle Cry (+6 vs. MD against 1D4 nearby enemies) enemies are dazed (save ends) and each nearby apeman may add 4 to any physical attacks against dazed targets.
AC 19      HP 50
PD 17
MD 13

Baltorklani Chimpanzee Men
Level 3 Spoilers (humanoid)
Initiative +8
M: Twin Daggers (+9 attack, 10 damage) on a natural 2 the chimpman may reroll the attack; the chimp may pop free after the attack.
R: Slingshot (+8 attack, 9 damage) on a 16+ the target is dazed (save ends).
Dirty Fighting (+8 attack vs. MD against one nearby target) the subject of the chimpman's ire is at -4 to any attack rolls against the chimpman until the end of his next turn.
AC 19      HP 45
PD 14
MD 16

Baltorklani Baboon Thralls
Level 3 Mooks (humanoid)
Initiative +6
R/M: Spear (+8 attack, 10 damage) Baboon men will throw their spear at the start of combat unless they are engaged beforehand.
M: Fists (+8 attack, 14 damage)
Primal Rage: on an even roll on any attack the baboon man deals double damage.
AC 20      HP 9
PD 12
MD 18

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