Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Fill Blog Wednesday!

I've been extremely busy with work which has been spilling into over time, and from the second I get home right up until his bed time my son has been absorbing my time. He turned 18 months as of May 25th, but his development is moving along at an insane pace. The kid's running, sprinting and his latest trick is the ability to open doors, which has of course led to an escalation in out-of-reach locks for the front door. His ability to understand is amazing, considering he's still focused on speaking single words, but his selective hearing when it comes to "doing what I want to do" vs. "what mom and dad are telling me not to do" is amazing. He's a stubborn and determined little fellow.

Marcus has decided he will drive

Marcus balancing on his rocking horse (yes, I dragged him off immediately after snapping the photo)

Marcus meets the candy bear in Old Town (and tries to free him from his shackles)

So I haven't built up a ton of blog content lately (I usually have a variety of pre-loaded blogs to cover for weeks I'm too busy to stay abreast of things). Hopefully this weekend I'll have some time for updates, but for now another rare "family blog."

On gaming news....the only real news is that Ultimate Campaigns for Pathfinder should arrive at my FLGS this week, and it sounds really neat. I'll talk about it more if it looks like the book has a broad universal appeal to more than just Pathfinder fans (I have a feeling it does, we'll see).

Also, for reasons not entirely clear Guild Wars 2 sucked me in finally and I think I'll be focusing heavily on that for a while. Other than that....some more graphic novel reviews on some of the other New 52 DC universe books I've picked up, and maybe another movie review or two. I may even get back to writing about games, still have some partially completed content I was working on for B/X D&D as well as Magic World.

Till then....back to work for me!

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  1. Cute kid, and I think you are amazingly prolific.