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An Index of "Tales from the Watchers of the Sullen Vigil" Articles

Sarvaelen in Dungeons & Dragons 5E:

Ghuls in 5E

Sarvaelen for Swords & Wizardry Complete

These articles are written "post-conversion" of my effort to craft Sarvaelen into a Swords & Wizardry setting. I'll group them first, and the older edition articles will follow. The revisions will work to clean up and solidify the setting, which presently is a fascinatingly incoherent string of scenarios with allusions to a larger world, but missing many details.

Monsters of Sarvaelen: Creatures encountered by the Sullen Watch
S&W stats for Ghuls, Feyril and Naga.

The Mountain City of Asvinar
A remote mining town southeast of Aelghast in the Claw Mountains.

Older Articles:

These older articles include all original Sarvaelen content, which was aimed first at T&T 7.5 and then later at BRP and Legend.

A Gazetteer and Redux of Aelghast (the revision of article #1)

This entry provides a overview of the key kingdoms and cultures of Sarvaelen, and a gazetteer on the border town of Aelghast and environs. It includes details on feyril and ghuls.

The Temple of the Whispering Dark (the first scenario)

This scenario takes place near the Watch Tower and Aelghast and deals with a mysterious ruins in the wastelands of Camrinal.

Hexblades of Legend (includes some details on hexblades in Sarvaelen)

This order of eldrtich knights includes material intended for Sarvaelen and a short section at the end on how the hexblades fit in historically.

Hexblades in Castles & Crusades

An adaptation of the hexblade for C&C, complete with new spells.

The Naga of Sarvaelen

This article introduces some details on the Stormsinger coast and the enigmatic empire of the Naga.

Dragons of Sarvaelen

This article discusses the nature of dragons in Sarvaelen and how the corruption of the Old Gods has affected them.

Dread Zarvande

This is a short introduction to the ruined capitol of old Camrinal, which is now a vast "dungeon" waiting for the foolhardy to seek out and explore...or die trying.


The haunted southern lands beyond Aeronost, ruled from the shadows by the Bog Witch.

A Map of Sarvaelen

At long last I put together a rough map. It will be fleshed out in more detail over time, but it provides a working geographical framework for much of the region discussed so far.

Anton Dainasere, Demon Hunter

An interesting tale and NPC to encounter in Sarvaelen.

Lizard Men in Magic World

The iconic inhuman reptilian foes of many classic tales, statted for MW/BRP and with details on their place in Sarvaelen.

The Original Article

This is the first article I did on a lark, and is notable for including T&T stats as well as the original treatment that all else cascaded from. Going forward I have pulled a revisionist stunt (also called "pulling a Lucas") and the new article at the top of the list replaces this one...

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