Monday, June 11, 2012

Kasdalan: Agents and Agencies

Agents and Agencies of Kasdalan

Lady Poe relies on a number of organizations to support her empire. At the top of the chain are two orders, being the Black Hand Necromancers who serve her faithfully in the City of Bones and the legendary Blood Guard, all loyalist men who gave their lives and were reanimated as undead vampires in servitude to the Dark Queen. Together, these two groups form her most faithful agents. The ruler of the City of Bones is presently the witch Sinerre, who is a faithful servant of Lady Poe, raised as if she were a daughter though never acknowledged as such. The Blood Guard, meanwhile, is commanded by General Agraven, a powerful and ancient undying Umbraiin elf of great power and madness. His immediate second in command is the ancient and bloody vampire lord Tolsten Kaeranos, said to have been Lady Poe’s own personal champion for more than two centuries now. As always, the most powerful males in the chain of command around Lady Poe are undead, and the most powerful women are witches and sorcerers.

Poe’s Daughters

Aside from her personal agencies, Poe relies on her loyal daughters, which include her eldest daughter Etrana, little adopted Yaela, the warrior Druuna, the half-elvish Sindatra (who’s father was the Kulaidoriin warrior Angarest), the half-elvish Tyrenias-Naelinor who rules Tursos, and Vareshna, whose sorceries are so potent some believe she rivals her mother’s skills as she rules over the city of Pollahar. Elsewhere in the world are her two renegade daughters Ennata and Arvyllia. Of the two, Ennata has proven to be a loyalist to her own father, Zam Redar, and has united with him at Andos in the north. Arvyllia has been seeking her own greatness, and was last heard to be traversing the depths of the Hoagarit lands in search of ancient draconic power.

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