Thursday, June 14, 2012

Kickstarting C&C 5th

I did it, with hours to spare. The Castles & Crusades 5th printing full-color Player's Handbook is now my first official Kickstarter contribution. If you like C&C, you should go check it out....there's a lot of potential phat lewt to be had with this one, and they have hit the bonus goals which includes not one but two copies of the book, as well as an electronic edition. I went for the $40 version (what with having a seven month old marauding through the house eating All The Food) but the other goals are cool, too....including the official C&C briefcase at the $125 mark that I would love to get. Ah well maybe they'll do more of these in the future after I win a lottery...

On an unrelated note, I am very busy at work this week and next trying to keep my employer from hemmoraging a major client, so my post count may look a bit low. I am not dead! Merely working.

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