Monday, August 8, 2016

Pathfinder Pocket Editions??!?!?

So, a weird thing happened this morning: I was thinking fondly of my Pathfinder days, and how it would be fun to run a campaign again in the near future. Wow! Yeah....not exactly typical of my feelings in the last couple years, but I suspect I have my reasons for why Pathfinder suddenly feels more appealing again to me (not a lack of enjoyment in D&D, but lets just say that sometimes external factors can have an impact on one's enjoyment, and maybe one day you wake up and realize that all of those external factors no longer apply).

So I am reading up on Starfinder and thinking about how this could be cool when I stumble across this and this. Pocket Editions of the Pathfinder Core Rulebook and Bestiary. Cheap, portable versions of the core I hope they come with a free magnifying glass so older gamers can read them!!!

Anyway, I've got copies on the way and will let you know what they look like once they arrive...

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