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Lingusia-The Age of Strife: The Lord of the North Sea Pirates for 13th Age

Lord of the North Sea Pirates
Group Alignment: neutral evil
Leader: Captain Draskos
Headquarters: Draskos sails on the “Merry Dog,” a great galleon armed with dwarven cannonshot.

   The so-called North Sea Pirates are actually an informal coalition of senior captains and scurvy dogs of vile repute, who earned their fame and fortune by plundering the sea lanes of the Middle Kingdoms, either for the realms, or against. There are believed to be two dozen such captains, all in league with one another in their solemn “code of the north.” They recognize one among them, Abelman Draskos, as their nominal leader.

   In the region of Octzel the North Sea Pirates have a special relationship, for over two-thirds of their lineage descend from the kingdom and still recognize it as their nominal homeland. Furthermore, many of them, such as Captain Draskos, have sworn fealty to the kingdom and pursue treacherous piracy in Hyrkanian of Jhaknian seas on behalf of Octzel as privateers. As a result, it is very likely that roving adventurers who get involved with famous, independent-minded captains might in fact be dealing with members of the North Sea Pirates.
   When meeting a pirate, especially in the North Sea (along the northwest coast of Autrengard and the Northern Wilderness) or the Baldaric Sea (from Hyrkania’s shores to Zarn and Hettanar) there is a reasonable (20%) chance he or she swears fealty to this order of salty northern sea dogs.

Captain Abelman Draskos (Human Level 7 rogue, NE). Draskos is a scurvy dog, a worshipper of Set and Haro, and consorts with the Black Society (through he, in fact, is not in any known way supernatural). He is a principal supplier of the Pirate Coves in the Northern wilderness coastlands, and knows more about the coasts of the northern Baldaric and Endless Ocean on up to Autrengard than anyone. He is a daring, chivalrous sort of fellow, until you get to know him real well or find yourself on the opposite side of a conflict. Spend too much time with him and you will see a drunken madman armed with dwarven pistols and explosives.
   Draskos maintains a manor house and small amount of land in which his wife, Lady Estrela
Huvirian-Draskos resides (Human Level 7 sorceress, CE), just north of capitol Octzel. She was a famous pirate who wooed him into marriage and retired after a conflict with Hyrkanian bounty hunters left her crippled. Her reputation preceded her, and the Curatorium of Hella refused aid. She is a minor practitioner of divination and necromancy through the worship of Set.

Captain Abelman Draskos
Level 7 human (offensive skirmisher)
Initiative +14
AC 23 MD 17 PD 21 HP 230
Melee Cutlass +12 vs. AC; 30 damage and on a 16+ on the attack die Draskos can force the target to make a DC 20 Dexterity check or fall prone.
Ranged Brace of Pistols +13 vs. AC; 25 damage; on even attack Draskos makes a second pistol attack.
Explosives +11 vs. PD of targets nearby (close range); each target sustains 30 damage and is knocked prone on a 16+ attack roll.
Entourage Abelman is rarely alone, and usually accompanied by at least half a dozen sea dogs of level 5, or more.

Lady Estrela Huvirian-Draskos
Level 7 human sorceress (defensive damager)
Initiative +13
AC 22 MD 22 PD 16 HP 200
Melee Burning Claw +13 vs. PD; 50 necrotic damage and on a 16+ the target is weakened, taking -4 on further MD attacks (11+ save ends); while weakened Estrela gains +2 to her MD.
Shield of Wolves On escalation die 2+ Estrela can summon a horde of spirit wolves to surround her in an ectoplasmic field of force. It has MD and PD 17 and can absorb up to 300 points of magical damage before collapsing. Once collapsed she must rest before summoning it again.
Aura Horde of Hummingbirds anyone entering or starting their turn in the aura of a horde of fiendish ghost hummingbirds is subject to a +13 vs. MD attack or they take 30 psychic damage and are teleported 30 feet up in to the air as the hummingbirds lift them away. Falling damage would be 17 from that height.
Divination Estrela can perform complex rituals to divine an aspect of fortune or love in the near future. In combat, any time she rolls a 2 on a D20, Estrela can grant an ally a +2 luck bonus to the next D20 roll if they are within hearing range of her.

Plot Hooks:
1.      Draskos and several allies have found a passage through the western expanse of the Endless Ocean to the distant isles of Mataclan. They have heard the stories of these western lands across the sea, and now that the endless storms of the god Ravanos have revealed a safe passage he wants to find hardy souls to engage in distant plunder.
2.      Draskos and his wife Estrela are in trouble. A Hyrkanian pirate hunter piloted by Captain Aldros Daremak is seeking them out, and he has conspired with assassins of the Order of the White Spear, a cult from Jhakn, to hunt the pirate and his wife down at their estates. The Fire Knives, who are the cult of the Order of the gof of Murder (Haro) have gotten wind of this…they feel they cannot oppose their southern kin, but loyalists to Draskos hire the PCs to intervene on their behalf and stop the White Spears.

3.      Draskos has many hidden treasures on the northern coast. Recently a thief broke in to his cabin on the Salty Dog and stole his chest containing the maps and clues to several of his hidden treasure spots. He may approach the PCs, if they have a reputation for such (and honor to match) to seek out the thief and return his box of maps. Alternatively, the thief will seek them out and offer to sell it, realizing that the potential gain of such treasure is outweighed by the Lord of the North Sea Pirates desiring his immediate death…

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