Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Necromancer Games Fifth Edition Books now on Pre-Order

As predicted, the Fifth Edition compatible books from Necromancer Games are now available for pre-order with the closing of the Kickstarter. I ended up not backing the Kickstarter at the last minute due to a desire to see what the actual remaining D&D rulebooks look like first before committing to another batch of hardcovers that may or may not contain content that is optimal for use with D&D 5E, given the tight turn-around on these books....I suspect it will be good stuff, though....but now I can order them at my leisure and without the nebulous specter of a Kickstarter effort looing like a dark shadow, threatening to cause all participants involved to get horribly ill with deletirious wasting diseases as is exceedingly common for most Kickstarters....starting one seems to induce terrible plagues upon those creative souls who endeavor in such ventures....

I kid! ....a little. At least the Frog God guys are more than proven on their ability to knock Kickstarters out at this point. However they also come with steep price tags, and ordering these books later at my leisure is a better deal for me in the long run. If it turns out these books will be full of useful content that is both in alignment with the 5E rules and fills a needed void....then I shall invest at that time.

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